How much do your products cost?

Prices may vary by country depending on exchange rate, time of purchase, VAT, etc. Please ensure to buy from an authorized Neumann dealer in your country. We provide a dealer finder on each product page.

What is the minimal equipment that I need to record a full song at home?

At least you need a microphone, XLR cable, audio interface, headphones/monitors and a recording software like Protools, Cubase, Logic etc. when you record with a computer. We have published a “Recording Basics” tutorial series that might help you even further. Watch Part 1 here:

What kind of audio interface should I use?

Stay away from the cheapest models; 200 dollars/euros is about the minimum for a decent audio interface. Good ones, which offer superior sound and better quality overall, start at about 400-500 dollars/euros. Read more here: How to connect a microphone to your computer.