Neumann provides 3D playback at Tonmeistertagung in Cologne

Neumann provided a large 3D loudspeaker system used for high quality audio playback of mixes brought in on the day by various different presenters. The loudspeakers were connected to a Stagetec mixing console and routed as required for the material to the loudspeaker system. The system was repurposed in three different ways depending on the material that the presenter wished to play back (this meant that delays and levels were adjusted as needed). In the picture, Tom Ammermann was playing back his 3D mix of Kraftwerk (some additional info on that here: Additional set up of the system was by Ephraim Hahn and Kseniya Degtyareva of McGill University, Nils Hahmann and Jörn Nettingsmeier of TMT, and Andrew Goldberg of Neumann.

The system consisted of:

  • 7 x KH 420 for the base layer
  • 6 x KH 310 for the height layer
  • 2 x KH 310 for “voice of god”
  • 2 x KH 870 for LFE