The Neumann Service Philosophy

Neumann products are more than tools; they are investments that often last a lifetime. The proof is in the high percentage of microphones that are sent in for a first repair service after decades of use.

Service is an integral part of the Neumann philosophy to give our customers the best possible quality at all times. That’s why our service department makes no technical modifications of any kind but will always restore the products to their initial specifications, thus preserving their original character.

Neumann offers this service for all microphones made after 1947. If mechanical parts have become defective, we can remanufacture them according to archived production drawings. Certain tubes, however, cannot be replaced anymore as manufactures like Telefunken already discontinued their production in the late 1960s.

Neumann’s service guarantees the longevity of your product and serves to maintain its value. If your product needs repair or a professional cleaning, please use the Service Portal.

Repairs can be ordered here.

Spare parts can also be ordered via the Service Portal.

For other service inquiries, please contact your national distributor.